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Abbasi Hotel (*****)
25minutes by machine distance to CROWA
Add:Ayatolah Madani Street-Isfahan-Iran
Tel: +98 311 2220967-9 Fax: +98 311 2222155
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The glorious architecture of Iran, like a piece of gem, has been constantly glittering among other architectural monuments of the world and has occupied a worthy place in the world of art. It was in the reign of the Safavids, that the city of Isfahan reached such a renown and elegance which was called " half of the world".
Among what has remained from the age of the Safavids, there still exists a complex of a school, bazaar and  caravansaraycomplex which sparkles like a piece of jewelry at the side of Chahar Bagh street.
This complex was built at the time of king Sultan Hossein of Safavids about 300 years ago. King Sultan Hossein attributed this magnificent complex of building to his mother. That is why; it is called "the school and caravansaray of Madar-shah" (which means king's mother).
Along with economical prosperity in the Safavids age, the construction of utilitarian monuments such as bazaar, bridges, dams, pigeon towers, water supplies, inns, mosques and schools was the vogue of time. The caravansaries did not just provide lodging for the passengers and passers-by or were not centers of loading or landing of the caravans. The urban caravansaries were appropriate places for storing goods and commercial exchanges.
In reconstruction of the caravansaries, the main attempt has been to preserve the general shape. Madar-Shah caravansaray likewise owns a square courtyard in the middle, each side of which amounts to eighty meters. In reconstruction of this caravansaray, this dusty courtyard has changed into a garden imbued with plants and colorful flowers. A stream flows through this courtyard, which is called Farshadi stream. At each side of this courtyard is located a verandah at the two sides of which are aligned two-storey chambers.
Simplicity and strength of this building with its open pleasant area is reminiscent of the glory and grace of Naghsh-e-Jahan square which is the precious treasure left from the Persia of the Safavids periods.
At this time, according to the suggestion of Andre Goddard who was then the counselor of Archeology Bureau, Iran Insurance Company came to save the monument. The company consented to the alteration of the caravansary to a hotel and approved of the plan of the hotel building which was later called King Abbas hotel (1336 A.H). In this way, not only was a valuable historical monument saved but also the memory of its first use as the lodging of the passengers and tourists was preserved in the new form it assumed. Besides, a scenic and elegant space was provided for the tourists in such a celebrated city as Isfahan. Now, the gurgling of water and the color of Persian gardens, images from the grandeur of Islamic architecture, the eloquent artistic designs carved on the forehead of the lofty walls and verandas, the landscape of the picturesque turquoise dome of Chaharbagh Madresseh are images which are printed on the minds of the guests as such that these images can hardly ever be consigned to oblivion.The company finally started the construction of the hotel in the summer of 1337 and finished it at the end of 1345. In reconstructing the caravansary, they were committed to two objectives: The preservation of the originality of the outward facade and the renovation of the caravansary's chambers and remodeling them into the hotel rooms.
In 1351, Iran Insurance Company decided to expand the hotel. The expansion was possible only at the eastern side. Thus, by purchasing 11500 square meters of land at this side, the annex or adjacent section of the hotel was built which can be considered an independent and well-furnished hotel by itself. By passing more than 30 years from hotel servicing, most sections of the hotel had been ruined and needed reconstructions. After inspections of engineers, the reconstruction of the hotel in many phases started at first months of 1374 and ended at first months of 1379. The above actions include the reconstruction of rooms, halls, kitchens, and engine houses, electrical and mechanical installations of hotel
Kowsar Hotel (****)
35 minutes by machine distance to CROWA
Add:Mellat street opposite of Sio-se-pol Bridge-Isfahan-Iran
Tel: +98 311 6240230 Fax: +98 311 6240230
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Located on the bank of Zayandehrood river and overlooking the historical Siosepol bridge, is equipped to five star facilities. All its 126 rooms and 6 suites have been furnished to meet those guest who look for 5 star amnities together with a good location and view

King size or Double Beds
Spacious Bathroom
Direct Dial Phone
Digital & Cable TV and Radio
24 hour room service

Internet Cafe
Health Club
Dry and steam Sauna
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Taxi Service
Shopping center
Safe Box
Business Center
A variety of  restaurants and Coffee Shops
Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Free Parking
Conference Rooms and Halls



Aseman Hotel  (****)
30 minutes by machine distance to CROWA
Add:Motahari Street Felezi Bridge-Isfahan-Iran
Tel: +98 311 2354141
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The First Hotel in Historical City of Isfahan to Have a Revolving Restaurant

Aseman Hotel is located in the heart of the historical city of Isfahan. It's only 20 minutes away from the Isfahan International Airport and 5 minutes away from the Isfahan city center. Hotel Building is a one block with 13 floors, each of which has at least 2 guests elevators for optimum convenience.It is only 20 minutes away from the International Airport, 15 minutes ride from the International trade fair and 5 minutes away from the Isfahan city center, close to business district and shopping.The Hotel with greatly designed restaurants and a coffee shop, friendly atmosphere, experienced and trained staff, different kinds of Iranian, exotic and international foods, beverages and desserts is ready to welcome the guests.Aseman Hotel, a superior four-star hotel, is located in the heart of the historical city of Isfahan


Aseman Hotel offers 90 rooms with 5 single, 30 double an twin, 35 triple, 15 standard suites, 4 royal suites and one suit conference. All rooms have top 4 star hotel furniture and fitting

 Central Air Condition / heating fixed regarding the season with  individual temperature control

 Mini bars

 Color TV and satellite TV channels, interactive TVs including in

 house movies

 Direct dial phone for city, inter cities and internationalcalls.Price  charged automatically to the room account

 Radio and music broadcast

 Private safety box in each room

 24hours room service

 Electronic Card lock system

 Waking up service

 Fire protection system

 Electronic system works with 220 volts

 Family room consist of two standard room connected


Aliqapu Hotel (****)
25minutes by machine distance to CROWA
Add:Chaharbaq Abbasi Street-Isfahan-Iran
Tel: +98 311 2227929 Fax: +98 311 2216049
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One of the luxurious Hotels in Isfahan in Iran, come over to Ali Qapu Hotel in Isfahan for a great holiday experience. A perfect hideaway for both holiday makers and business travelers, you will have a great time here as you pamper yourself with the hotel's excellent services and get to see some fascinating historical monuments that are known through out the world for their splendid architecture and style


The four star hotel of Aliqapu located on the historical street of Chaharbagh has convenient access to major historical sites and museums and welcomes you with its spectacular facilities and services.All its 102 rooms and suites are furnished to meet guests' comfort in addition to the restaurant, coffee-shop swimming pool, health club etc 


Internet Cafe
Health Club
Dry and steam Sauna
Indoor Swimming Pool
Taxi Service
Safe Box
Business Center
Handicraft shop
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Hair saloon


Room facilities at Ali Qapu Hotel in Isfahan:

At Ali Qapu Hotel in Isfahan, there are 97 rooms(single &  double) and 5 suites. Among the room facilities at this great hotel , there are Air Conditioning, Attached bath, Refrigerator, Mini-Bar, IDD Telephone, Television with Cable/Satellite, Broadband Internet Access etc. Guests can also avail of room services, Daily Maid Service. Each of the rooms open up to balconies and are done up beautifully to suit your taste and style




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